"Such a wonderful warmth and professionalism."

Hi Kerrin,

I really want to Thank you for the amazing job you do as Property Manager. The photos of the fence look great and you manage all these extra tasks with such a wonderful warmth and professionalism. It is always a pleasure to have contact with you and your efficiency and communications are so refreshing. I have a couple of properties in the North of Brisbane and it would make my life so much easier if the property managers there did half the job you do!!
VIP Realty must have a knack in recruiting fantastic staff, as I was equally impressed with Barb before you.
I really appreciate how much easier you make things for me with the way you manage my property in Maryborough.

Thanks so much and have a great weekend.

- Susan Gobbart
16 Oct 2017

"They also got $50,000 more than other agents had quoted!!!"

Coralie and Kevin had plans – but, for their plans to work, they had to sell their home. Several agents were contacted for an appraisal. “We spoke to local agents who gave us an appraisal and a price that we could expect to sell for,” Coralie said. “It was terribly disappointing as there was no way that we could afford to do what we wanted, until we spoke with Mandy from VIP Realty.”

Mandy Ryan at VIP Realty gave Coralie and Kevin an honest appraisal, discussed the market and together they set what they hoped would be an achieveable price range - $50,000 above what other agents had suggested!

“We knew that any agent could sell our property for the $50,000 less, but we didn’t want just any agent, we wanted an agent that we believed would achieve the best possible price for us and that is why we decided to list our property with Mandy and VIP Realty.”

Not only did Mandy sell the property in a shorter time frame than Kevin and Coralie expected, but they also got $50,000 more than other agents had quoted!!!

“We couldn’t be happier,” Kevin said, “we appreciate everything Mandy has done, she has worked diligently on our behalf and kept in contact with us throughout the whole process. Coralie and I can now move on with the next chapter of our life, thanks to Mandy!”

- Coralie and Kevin
07 Sep 2017

"All the way through, the communication and attention to OUR purchase was excellent..."

A BIG Thank You to Mandy Ryan at VIP REALTY in Maryborough.

Beverley & I decided to move from Melbourne to Queensland and needed to purchase a property in the Maryborough/Harvey Bay area. We had spent hours researching the Real Estate sites on the Internet and identified quite a number of properties we felt matched our requirements.

Mandy Ryan was an unknown Agent at that time; however HOW LUCKY could we be to phone her Agency and get to speak with Mandy. As we were foreign to this area we were looking for a helping/guiding Agent to assist our search

On our first call, Mandy did not know us and as far as she was concerned we could have been just time wasters. Mandy kindly offered to assist and put together a plan for us to inspect our chosen properties and also suggested the addition of a few that might be appropriate.

The plan was formulated and we were invited to attend Maryborough, where Mandy put us into her car and took us to multiple inspections. A two day plan, covering Urangan, Torquay, Craignish, Burrum Heads, Burrum River, Takura, Dundathu , Maryborough, Oakhurst, Tinana, Yengarie, Antigua and the list goes on and just appeared endless.

Many of the properties inspected were NOT even properties being managed by VIP REALTY or Mandy herself. Mandy quickly got to understand what we were looking for and guided us down that path.

All the way through, the communication and attention to OUR purchase was excellent, buying a new property was such a pleasant experience.

Well the results speak volumes for her confidence, ability, effort and hard work. We managed to find that JUST RIGHT property and quickly moved to seal the deal. The end result was, we have now purchased a property that was being managed by Heather Locks, a fellow Representative at VIP REALTY Maryborough.

If you are a SELLER, you want Mandy as your agent, Mandy identifies a prospective BUYER and puts forward a great effort to convert that to a sale. If you are a PURCHASER, you also want Mandy on your team, she is willing to put in a huge effort, probably wants to sell you one of VIP REALTY’s listings, but will give you the best chance of getting the property YOU want not what they want to sell to you.

What a MAGNIFICENT EFFORT, Thanks Mandy and Heather from VIP REALTY in Maryborough. If you are going to get involved in Real Estate in the Maryborough area, does not matter if you are SELLING or PURCHASING, you can NOT afford not to speak with MANDY RYAN.

Best wishes Mandy, for continued success into the future.

07 Sep 2017

"I really appreciated how easy you were to communicate with..."

Hi Mandy,

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my father and I for helping to make the sale of his house as smooth and quick a process as possible. Obviously the two of us were inexperienced with the whole process and it was a very stressful time for both of us in terms of Dad coming to terms with needing to move, finding a new place, packing up, etc. There have been so many things to do over the past several months, and having someone we could trust to ably handle the house sale for us was a massive help. I really appreciated how easy you were to communicate with and the advice you provided. Dad is pleased with the final price and relieved he can now move on to finding a new place on Bribie Island, which he loves.

Many thanks to you and VIP.

Kind regards,

- Seiji
07 Sep 2017