The Golden Rule

If there’s one mistake ordinary property managers make it’s choosing the wrong tenant for the property. Choosing the wrong tenant will ensure that the tenancy will be stressful for all parties involved and ultimately costs the landlord more money than the tenancy is probably worth.

Actively pursuing prospective new tenants & screening those tenants upon application is a major point of difference that VIP Realty offers our clients. Most agencies claim to do this but many rarely do as their Property Managers are over worked with the management of the property.

At VIP Realty we have a dedicated Leasing Consultant whose sole focus is to meet and match all prospective tenants in the market to our vacant properties on any given day. By taking this approach we are agile enough to beat our competitors to the potential new tenants looking at any given time allowing us to pick the best of them for our customers. This simply means a greater return on investment for our clients and a more enjoyable investment experience.